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Want to add Customs
Brokerage as a

service offering?

Looking to gain visibility on the customs
clearance process?

Partner with Clearit and create lasting relationships that stick with
our grey-label digital Customs Brokerage Solution, Clearit Navigator.

What is Clearit Navigator?

The world’s first truly integratable & transparent digital back-office/Private label customs brokerage solution. By identifying several key issues plaguing 3PLs for decades, Clearit has developed a unique, frictionless user experience for both the transportation provider and the importer.

Through either a fully integrated API or co-branded portal, offer your customers a best-in-class Customs Brokerage Experience without the heavy lifting / barrier to entry.

Product Highlight

A co-branded customs brokerage solution tailored to you and your customers.

Offer co-branded Customs Brokerage services and let Clearit handle Customer service & processing

100% Digital Onboarding process means customers activated in hours…not days

Create and manage clearances requests on behalf of Customers or leave it entirely up to them

360° visibility with Milestone notifications & Live Customs ABI feedback

Automated Customs Release documents (ACE, 7501 & 3461)

HTS classification tools & more

Leading the revolution in Digital
Customs Brokerage

By leveraging technology and industry experience, Clearit has made customs brokerage simple, efficient and accessible to a new generation of importers..

We offer Multi Channel service.

Customs brokerage service can be a standalone product, or bundled with a multitude of transportation services. Clearit has built its technology to be both a starting point in a cros border transaction as well as an integrated value-added service.

How to Get Start With Clearit Navigator


Connect with our Customs Brokerage
solutions representative to discover and
discuss a tailored solution for you.


Work with our team to
implement our integrated API
or co-brand our portal


Offer importers best-in-class
Customs Brokerage solutions.

Why CleariT?

We Make Importing Easy!

Our industry leading importer wizard makes even a novice importer feel like a pro. Follow the document upload guide, key in some details and get notified of a customs release. If we have any questions or hold-ups, we’ll notify the appropriate party.

Unmatched Customer
Services & Visibility

Phone calls and follow up emails are a thing of the past. Both partner & importer receive real-time notifications of key milestones, processing holds, Customs holds, and clearance. Have questions that need answering? Access the 24/7 virtual workspace to communicate & collaborate directly with team members processing your shipment.

Compliance Experts

At Clearit, Customs Compliance is our Priority. Inrecent years, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (cBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have shifted the majority emphasis of compliance on post audit verification. Risk management, due diligence, and sophisticated record keeping facilitates our excellent compliance.

Fantastic Pricing & Coverage

Clearit believes in a fair & transparent pricing model. We are the only customs broker to offer a flat-fee service (duties & disbursements not included) and publish our simple pricing for all to see and compare. Clearit is also a remote filer. We clear at any and all ports across the USA & Canada.

Who can use Clearit Navigator?

In short..Just about anyone looking to offer Customs Brokerage as a value added Service.

Freight Forwarders

A company or an individual that arranges the transportation and handling of goods on behalf of a client. An intermediary between the shipper and the company that physically transports the goods

Transportation providers

A Company physically responsible for transporting the cargo from the origin to the destination by Land, Air, Sea, or rail


Also known as a third-party logistics provider. A company that provides outsourced logistics and supply chain management services to other companies

Warehouses / Distribution

A Company that processes the storing and moving  of goods through a warehouse or distribution center to fulfill customer orders. The warehouse acts as a hub for receiving, storing, and shipping goods to various destinations.


A business that sells products or services online through a website or an online marketplace and offers consumers a convenient and efficient way to shop for a wide range of products and services.

Customs Brokers

A company that acts as intermediaries between importers / exporters and government agencies responsible for the regulation of international trade as well as meeting the requirements of customs authorities for the international shipment of goods.

If you have ever referred an importer to a Customs Broker or want to want to gain visibility
on international shipments, Clearit Navigator is for you

Trust and loved by Customers
around the Globe.

Sarsdha Murali



Very Quick Response.

Very Quick Response. Well Coordination among multiple agencies. Great Service. I-.cant speak about price because | did not shop around. Overall would return back for my next shipment.


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The Clearit Promise

Clearit is a vendor-agnostic service provider that works with carriers, freight forwarders, digital providers
and importers/exporters to deliver better customs brokerage services and improve global trade.

Licensed Customs Brokers

Clearit processes all customs Clearances in-house. No outsourcing or off-shoring.

The Human Touch

A.l. Can speed up processing times and lower overall costs, but Customs Compliance is paramount to frequent importers. Clearit guarantees that all Customs entries are reviewed and transmitted by a customs certified human

Agnostic Service Provider

Clearit processes all customs Clearances in-house. No outsourcing or off-shoring.

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