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Why choose Clearit Customs Clearance for business?

  • Clear cargo at any and all ports across the United States, including inland.
  • Truck, Ocean, Air, and even Parcel shipments.
  • Our industry leading software lets you clear customs in minutes.
  • Customs Certified specialists willing and able to tackle any logistical project you throw their way.
  • Guaranteed quality service with 35+ years experience to back it up.

I first contacted Clearit USA when my truck driver could not reach my original broker. They had my account active in minutes and shipment cleared in under an hour. I will never go back to a traditional broker.

Client: Joshua R.
Position: Comptroller
Company: USA Coffee Warehouse
Size: 37 employees

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Air freight is the quickest way to get your cargo from point A to point B. It is also the most expensive which is why you need to work with a broker who can clear your cargo quickly, avoiding costly storage fees. Like truck and ocean imports, you are only required to provide us with or build a commercial invoice.

Your agent will notify you if any other documentation is required for your particular product and walk you though the completion online. The remainder of clearance documentation will come directly from your freight forwarder including:

  • Airwaybill

Similar to truck shipments, the only information you are required to provide is a commercial invoice (bill of sale) You can create your own invoice using our customs invoice builder or upload your own if it meets requirements. The rest of the required documentation will come from your freight forwarder at time of arrival which will include:

  • Confirmation of ISF filling
  • Arrival Notice
  • Country of origin
  • Manifest

Some products may require additional documentation upon import. Your agent will advise you ahead of time of any required documents and will walk you through the electronic completion of the form.

Clearing a truck shipment has never been this easy. After creating your account in minutes simply create or upload your bill of sale. This will give us detailed information on your product like:

  • Product description
  • Unit price
  • Country of origin
  • HTS code

Some products may require additional documentation which your agent will advise you of. Any required document can be completed electronically on our platform. Free trade agreements such as NAFTA can be attached to your account or file as well. The rest of the required information to clear your cargo will come directly from your carrier.


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