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Clearit USA’s FBA delivery program

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Selling your products on amazon is easy – getting your product to their warehouses can be a challenge. *Delivery Options Coming soon*

Selling your products on amazon is easy – getting your product to their warehouses can be a challenge. With Clearit USA’s FBA delivery program, whether U.S. or internationally based, not only will you be able to delivery your product to an FBA warehouse duty & tax paid, but on time as well. Missing a delivery appointment even by a few minutes can be detrimental to your standing with Amazon. Let the premiere Fulfillment by Amazon Customs Broker, Clearit USA, handle the process from A-Z.

Clearit USA is an Approved Amazon service provider.

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Using Clearit USA’s FBA delivery program is simple:

Submit your request for a customs clearance
Under delivery requirements, check off the Amazon box
Your agent will contact Amazon for the specific Amazon warehouse EIN number
Transport and appointments are arranged for a timely delivery
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Amazon shipping guidelines:

Prior to shipping anything to your Amazon FBA facility, please ensure your shipment(s) have been accepted.

Label requirements

• PO# (Amazon inbound shipment ID)
• To: Amazon
• Attn: Fulfillment by Amazon
• From: (Your Company Name)
• Carton#: #______ of total #______
• BOL: ___________

Box Content Information

Providing accurate box content information improves the management of your inventory with Amazon. The contents of each box should contain only the inventory from one shipment ID – You cannot combine inventory for multiple shipments in one box. Be sure to provide the following on the box label:

• Merchant SKU
• Condition
• Quantity Shipped
• Packing Option

Box Dimensions / Weight

• Boxes should not exceed 25” on any side
• Boxes exceeding 25” may be subject to restriction of inbound privileges, additional fees or refusal.
• Boxes should not exceed 50 lbs unless contain one-single item over 50 lbs
• Boxes exceeding 50 lbs should be clearly labeled “team left” on top and sides of box
• Boxes containing jewelry or watches should not exceed 40 lbs
• Boxes exceeding 100 lbs, attach a label indicating “mechanical lift” on top and sides of box

Box Limits

1 single LTL (less than truckload) shipment cannot exceed 4,999 boxes. To ship 5,000 or more boxes, a second shipment must be created

Pallet requirements

• All shipments not delivered by small parcel carrier must be loaded on pallets
• 40 x 48 inch, 4-way access wooden pallets are required
• Do not use pallets made of weaker materials such as cardboard
• GMA standard B grade of higher pallets are recommended
• Grocery products should be shipped on GMA 1A grade pallets or higher
• Health & personal care as well as beauty products should be shipped on GMA 1A and 1B grade pallets
• Broken or damaged pallets may be rejected at seller’s expense

Floor Loading requirements

Pallets are preferred, however in some cases they are not an option. If shipping on pallets is not available, the following steps must be taken:

• Carrier must be informed that floor-loaded shipment must be identified on the carrier appointment request portal (Load type > Non-Palletized)
• Boxes must be stacked into columns
• Maintain at least 3 inches between column stacks and container wall
• Stack height cannot exceed 72 inches
• Stacks should be properly secured using load cars or straps
• Allow at least 3 inches of clearance from top of the stack to room of container
• Use spacers between stacks to prevent shifting during transit