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Selling to the U.S. Marketplace

Not a U.S. Resident? Don’t worry we make it easy to reach the world’s largest market place.

Our Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program serves to increase the competitive advantage of International exporters in the U.S. Marketplace. The program allows for a Canadian / foreign-based company to register as a non-resident importer with the goal of making it “as easy” for a U.S. business or individual to purchase from them, as it is a domestic supplier.

All in all becoming an NRI establishes a level playing field with U.S. companies, giving you an edge over your competitors. It allows the International exporter to include all shipping, customs clearance fees, duties and taxes in the selling price for the customer.

You can sell to the United States on a delivered-price basis, rendering the ordering process more transparent and stable for the U.S. customer.

Selling my product on Amazon was easy. Getting it to an Amazon fulfillment warehouse was another story. Clearit made the process easy and continues to ensure every delivery is on time.

Client: Jaz S.
Position: President
Company: Le Dab
Size: 12 employees

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How our program works:

Selling to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Selling your products on amazon is easy – getting your product to their warehouses can be a challenge. With Clearit USA’s Non-resident importer program, not only will you be able to delivery your product to an FBA warehouse duty & tax paid, but on time as well. Missing a delivery appointment even by a few minutes can be detrimental to your standing with Amazon. Let Clearit USA handle the process from A-Z.

Direct to U.S. consumer
Clearit USA’s non-resident importer program removes the border between you and your US customer and allows you to offer products landed duty paid. That means no more surprise brokerage bills and a complete removal of the import process for your client.

Big box retailers
Direct Import product supplier
Getting into a big box store like Walmart can be a dream come true, but logistically it’s a nightmare. Big box stores will not act as an importer for your product, so it is up to you to deliver your product on time with all applicable duties and taxes paid. Clearit’s Non-resident importer program will pick up your cargo, clear customs, and deliver on time with or without appointment.