Picking The Proper Port With A Customs Broker

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A customs broker helps you clear cargo at a number of different ports, be they truck, ocean, air, or parcel. Every method of shipping has different requirements and processes, which means without a customs broker, you need to know exactly what each port needs inside and out.

Customs brokerage services specialize in clearing goods past all ports. By working with a customs broker, you can choose the best transport method for you.

Shipping by air is quick and direct. If you need to get your goods to their destination quickly, shipping by air is unparalleled. It is also expensive—more expensive than any other shipping method, and the cost can increase exponentially with costly storage fees.

Using a customs broker cuts down on those fees. In addition to being able to negotiate favourable rates, customs brokers can process your goods before they’re even available for delivery. Shipping by air requires you only to give your customs broker a commercial invoice—they’ll set up everything else and get your goods cleared as quickly as possible.

Shipping by ocean is more affordable than by air, but transit time is longer. By working with a customs broker, you can access comprehensive customs consulting so you can weigh which shipping method is better for you by assessing your budget, your time, and the specifics of your goods.

Clearing customs takes the most time when shipping by ocean, but by working with a customs broker, your goods start the process as soon as the broker receives your manifest. With a customs broker handling the minute details of clearing your goods, you don’t have to watch your shipments sit at the port any longer than they need to.

If you don’t need to ship your goods over bodies of water, importing by truck might be the best option for you. While still complicated—importing requires a lot of documentation—a customs broker can ensure that your goods pass the border seamlessly.

After you hand off your bill of sale to the customs broker, they ensure your goods are cleared as soon as the truck reaches the border—no storage fees at the port required.

Consulting with a customs broker is the easiest way to pick how you want to ship your goods and where. If you’re ready to start importing with a customs broker, click here.