New updates announced for ACE

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced the latest set of updates that will be coming to the ACE reporting system over the next few months.

ACE, which stands for Automated Commercial Environment, is the platform used to report imports and exports so that the government can determine admissibility.

The deployment schedule is as follows:

Ace Portal Modernization

The third and fourth phases will transition more capabilities to the modernized ACE portal, including:

  • References tab updates
  • Edit functionality for Account Data for All Account Types
  • User access management
  • Document upload/management functionality for Facilities/Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)
  • Blanket Declarations
  • New account type: Vessel Agent
  • Statements
  • Conveyance Template Upload
  • Change History

Aluminum Duty

Trade Remedy 232 for Aluminum will require a new declaration for Russian Smelt or Cast, which involves collecting five new data elements via ABI and updates to CBP internal user interfaces.

Automated Surety Interface (ASI) Seized Assets and Case Tracking System (SEACATS)

This will transition ASI-SEACATS from the Automated Commercial System (ACS) to ACE.

HTS Go-Live

The remaining HTS Admin User Interface, HTS Query and Data Conversion will be migrated.

Implement Mass Liquidation Functionality for Drawback Entry Type 47

ACE functionality will be expanded to allow for the mass liquidation of drawback entries/claims (entry type 47).

UFLPA Detentions Process Related to Forced Labor

This will create an automated process for Admissibility Reviews and Exception Requests. This will include automating the completion and issuance of the CBP 6051D and Attachment 2B. A public site for the trade to upload documentation and submit for CBP review. This new enhancement will allow CBP to track, review, and determine the final disposition from this site.

ACE Currency Exchange Rates

The ACS Currency Exchange Rates program will be implemented in ACE, giving CBP and Trade stakeholders clear concise daily exchange rates (“multipliers’) to use in converting invoice values (currency) to US Dollar value for entry summary and other purposes.

Ocean House Bill of Lading (OHBOL) Release

This enhancement will implement functionality within ACE to release ocean cargo at the lowest shipment level. A new User Interface will be provided for Container Freight Station (CFS) operators where they can view information as released at the lowest shipment level. The CFS UI will not have EDI impacts.

Enhancements to ACE Truck Manifest – Phase 4: Class of Admission

This enhancement will allow ACE Truck Manifest to infer Class of Admission (COA) based on travel documents that the Primary Inspection Process (PIP) returns for all crew members and passengers present in the conveyance at crossing. When the COA cannot be inferred by the travel document returned by PIP, the enhancement will also allow the officer examining the documents at the border to manually select the COA or create a referral.

Enhancements to ACE Truck Manifest – Phase 4: Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) Integration Enhancements

This enhancement includes the development and integration of additional non-intrusive inspection (NII) capabilities including Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) models for ACE Truck Manifest modernization.

Immediate Delivery

The Immediate Delivery (ID) enhancement will allow filers to transmit an ID request on an entry and the data would populate in ACE Cargo Release and Entry Summary, in line with 19 CFR 141,48(c).

Entry Summary Query Updates

This enhancement will incorporate data elements from Collections and move the query from Legacy ACE to New ACE.

Collections – Release 7*

This functionality will automate the Budget Clearing Account (BCA) process, enabling improved reconciliation of open receivables and reducing the time required to clear the BCA for CBP personnel. • This enhancement will also integrate the port collections process into ACE Collections and will enable the entry lifecycle to be contained in one system.

United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) – Retail Sales Indicator

This work creates a new indicator that filers will use to indicate if they are submitting a substitution claim, or a direct identification claim for Drawback provisions 56 and 70.

Broker Fee Automation

New capabilities: Broker License Application with interface to ACE, Broker Permit Application with interface to ACE, and Broker Annual Permit User Fee with interface to ACE. Deployment will commence once integration of Collections (Release 7) is complete.

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