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12 06, 2020

USMCA: New Trade Center For Private Sector Support

By | 2020-06-12T19:52:09+00:00 June 12th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Earlier this month, US Customs and Border Patrol announced that a USMCA Center has been opened in Washington, DC. The Center will be staffed with customs professionals equipped with tools to support the private sector in navigating USMCA. More specifically, the center will focus on things like:  Regulatory changes Automation [...]

5 06, 2020

USMCA/CUSMA: How Will Importers Be Affected?

By | 2020-06-05T16:57:52+00:00 June 5th, 2020|U.S. Customs|

As July 1st, 2020 draws nearer, the timeline draws near for USMCA to be enacted, it’s increasingly important for importers to stay informed. We’ll be covering a baseline level of information to help you get ready. First and foremost, you might have noticed that there is a different naming convention [...]

25 05, 2020

How Is Logistics Faring? Amazon, Alibaba, and More.

By | 2020-05-25T21:02:46+00:00 May 25th, 2020|U.S. Customs|

Since the beginning of 2020, the pandemic’s impact has rippled its way through the global economy. Many sectors have been hit with a decline, but logistics and trade have had extremely pronounced impacts.  Of course, while there is a lot of financial instability in the sector, there have been many [...]

11 05, 2020

Global Trade & COVID-19: What’s Next?

By | 2020-05-11T19:14:13+00:00 May 11th, 2020|U.S. Customs|

There is no doubt that these uncertain times will put global trade up to the test. Both anecdotally and statistically, 2020 has been marred by the impacts of COVID-19 so far. However, at this point, it is safe to assume that the effects of the pandemic will stretch beyond this [...]

14 04, 2020

Guide to HS Classification Codes for Medical Supplies

By | 2020-04-14T20:39:53+00:00 April 14th, 2020|U.S. Customs|

A new reference document for HS codes and classifications for medical supplies has been made available. As such, we’ll be doing a quick overview of the document! We’ve been covering a few different topics relating to the pandemic so far. If you’re interested, here is some recommended reading.  Pandemic & [...]

6 04, 2020

Surprising Goods Spiking in Import Volume During the Pandemic

By | 2020-04-06T20:44:59+00:00 April 6th, 2020|Uncategorized|

We’ve been keeping a close eye on all news related to COVID-19 and its current and future impact on the global market. As a customs broker and consulting agency, it’s critical that we’re providing importers with updated and accurate information.  We recently put out a quick interview we did with [...]

18 03, 2020

Importing Commercial Samples Into the U.S.

By | 2020-03-18T21:07:32+00:00 March 18th, 2020|Forms and Documents, U.S. Customs|

During the product development and/or business development portion of being an importer, there are many cases in which you would want to move commercial samples into the US (if you haven’t done so already!). Sampling of goods and prototypes is a common request of manufacturers and exporters by US-based importing [...]

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